среда, 11 июня 2008 г.

Gnomon - The Techniques of James Clyne Vol. 2 - Rendering a Cinematic Environment (DVDRip)

Continuation of Volume 1. The drawing is digitally colored.

Materials used: Photoshop

Gnomon - The Techniques of James Clyne Vol. 1 - Environmental Sketching And Design (DVDRip)

In this educational DVD, James explores the crucial first steps in the creation of powerful design ideation and quick environmental layout techniques. James will take you through a step-by-step progression of pen and marker sketching and the ideas behind them. Multiple avenues will be explored culminating in a final drawing, executed on design vellum, ready for rendering. These techniques mimic the process in which James brainstorms for ideas in the pre-production phase of a feature film. He will also demonstrate the creation of a dramatic and effective environment through the use of such themes as scale, mood, depth, and composition. All artists within the
fields of film, industrial, game, and architectural design will find such techniques useful for producing advanced and inventive imagery.

Materials used: Pen and Marker.

Topics Covered:

Thumbnail Sketching
Mood, Atmosphere
Creative Process
Design Strategy
Marker Sketching
Final Line Drawing

четверг, 5 июня 2008 г.

VisMastersOnline: V-Ray Video Training for Architectural Visualization Modules 1-5

The VisMasters Online:V-Ray Video Training for Architectural Visualization are pre-recorded training lessons designed to teach the concept of global illumination with V-Ray and how to achieve it with photorealistic and transcendental qualities. Each module is taught by expert instructors who work day-to-day in the production of architectural visualizations. Throughout these modules, users will learn how to maximize speed and efficiency in the same type of architectural production environment. Each module is a 30 to 90 minute self-contained lesson that covers the critical settings of each major V-Ray feature, and builds upon the instruction provided with each subsequent module. Training modules are designed for users with little or no experience in V-Ray or users who wish to become more proficient with the product. A fundamental level of experience with lighting in 3ds Max is also required.

READ CAREFULLY! - First 2 videos open with any player. Modules 3-5 have DRM encoding and might have problems opening on some players. I have checked and they work with VLC player and Winamp. There is a black screen and sound for about 20 seconds in the beginning. Just wait and the picture will appear.

MODULE 1: V-Ray Critical Settings - Part I
MODULE 2: V-Ray Critical Settings - Part II
MODULE 3: V-Ray Materials
MODULE 4: Animating Static Scenes
MODULE 5: Image Based Lighting (HDRI)

среда, 4 июня 2008 г.

Softimage Cat V3.1 For 3dsMax 2008-09 32bit & 64bit

SOFTIMAGECAT is a character animation plug-in for Autodesk 3ds Max. CAT is designed by animators, for animators to take the tedious technicalities out of 3D character animation. Its complete toolset enables easy character rigging, non-linear animation, animation layering, motion capture import, muscle simulation, and more. CAT is fast, stable, simple, and packed with cutting-edge features that give artists an easier way to animate characters in 3ds Max.

3dsMax 2008:

3dsMax 2009:

понедельник, 2 июня 2008 г.

Hairtrix 1.0 For 3dsMax 9 and 2008 32bit & 64bit

Hairtrix 1.0 For 3dsMax 9 and 2008 32bit & 64bit

Hairtrix consists of two formerly independent plug-ins, hairfx and Ornatrix that can now be used in concert to createamazing hair and fur effects. Both Ornatrix and hairfx are production-proven hair creation and simulation tools for 3ds Max and they provide users with a multitude of advanced tools for creating realistic hair and fur, and simulating its movement.